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When Silence Becomes Vocalized

Human life is a journey with many twists and turns. Each turn brings new experiences, which can either be joyful or sorrowful. But through it all, we learn and grow and eventually reach the end of our journey, just like the last chapter of a book.

If you have a sensitive soul, you are more likely to appreciate the beauty and complexity of life. You will be able to feel the emotions of the characters in the story and understand their challenges. You will also be able to see the beauty in the world, even amid sadness and loss.

Once a day, I experience the same while walking through the riverbank in the evening. I noticed someone seated at the riverside with her empty water jar. Accumulating water from the river is typical work for the interior lifespan, but she still needs to do that. I don't know who she was and what was happening inside her, but I could read somewhat of that sorrowful chapter of her life. Her silence became vocalized when the evening sky darkened; the sounds were the gentle rustling of the breeze and the soft lapping of water against the river bank.

Lonely girl in the evening minimalist expressionist painting
Anguish. Medium - Acrylic on canvas. Size - H - 30 x W - 24 inches.

I wrote a poem on my canvas about that sorrowful chapter of her life. Were you able to read it?

I am pleased to share some good news: recently, an art gallery named 'Blue to Black' listed one of my paintings in the NFT marketplace in South Africa. I am likely the first Indian artist to have a painting listed for sale on the NFT market. The gallery will be inaugurated on July 21st with exceptional NFT art collections from selected artists worldwide. See the video demonstration here, -

If you want to purchase any paintings, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can also share your thoughts on the paintings in the comment section below. Additionally, subscribing to me will keep you updated on new paintings that have been published.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a charming day!


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