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About the artist

Artist Amar Singha in his studio


Amar Singha grew up in a noble family in North Bengal. As a child, he found comfort in drawing with colored pencils and crayons, which helped him cope with the loneliness that often came with his privileged upbringing. His fascination with the royalty around him sparked a desire to explore deeper truths and joys through his art. After attending the Academy of Creative Art in Kolkata, Singha experienced a profound loss when his father passed away during his final year of school. This event prompted him to embark on a spiritual journey and search for meaning in life and death. Singha spent 16 years in seclusion, listening for whispers of truth, and emerged as an artist who translates the untranslatable through his paintings. He now works from his home studio in Raghunathganj.


A conversation between ancestral Indian lineages and synthetic cubism allows me to express my emotions expressively. The use of colors demonstrates my sentiment that works to find hidden lofty things we usually ignore. The color itself becomes a subject that whispers for my sensation.

Simplifying the composition produces uncluttered spaces that sometimes create a feeling of boundless joy followed by the expression of colors or sometimes inexplicable sensitivity of the subconscious mind. It also brings a calmness that immerses me deeply in the spiritual realm, followed by the past spiritual experience that makes sense of my creative spirit. A subtle emotional approach transforms my form into an abstraction that is steadily expressed by line drawing. Drawing is a pivotal factor in my painting that helps viewers discern the insides despite the abstract approach of my artwork.

Amorphous brush strokes with acrylic paint create a little texture, but finally, they produce a calming smoothness that I enjoy. I then start drawing lines to make the details. Seeing how the painting reveals the object under several abstract shapes cheers me up. 


With guidance from an unbroken lineage of ancestors – the master painters of India – I pick up transmissions that my brushes aspire to translate into the present.


I love to show several emotions that exist in humans in a calming approach inspired by the spiritual realm. It could serve a tranquil vibe inside viewers and refresh their souls, which is my ultimate destination. It will thus whisper to those diverted souls to rediscover the peace inside them and inspire them to take the flavor of this beautiful life and, of course, this world once again.


Platinum Award. Kalaratnam Foundation, UP, India. 

Gold Medal. Creative Art Affairs, Mumbai, India.

Topper (Acrylic Medium) Art Mania Foundation Ajmer, India.

National Excellence Award. Srijanshil, Odisha, India.

National Award of the Best Artist. Creative Art Affairs, Mumbai, India.

Feature & Recognition - Saatchi Art, Google Art & Culture, Artsy Shark,

                                          BlueBee Magazine, LST Gallery, Indian Art Ideas,

                                          Viswagatha, International Contemporary Artists,

Brand Ambassador. Artdex, NY.

Award of Outstanding Art. Arte Mundial En México. Mexico 

Special Recognition Award. LST Gallery, Florida, USA

Honorable Mention Award. IVAC, New York

Award of Excellence. Artavita, Los Angeles.

Honorary Lifetime Member. World Citizen Artists (WCA)

Founder of the award-winning Art Blog Artique.

Author of several art books.

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