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My approach to life being

Human life mingles dark and light, sorrow and joy, love and hate. Life is playing around in such a contrasting sequence. Nevertheless, we want light against dark, joy against sorrow, and love instead of those darks that suddenly come across our pathway. We put in total effort to conquer all the negatives, and in this way, we are running toward our destination.

Tribal dance in the moonlight and fire abstract acrylic painting
Incandescence. Medium - Acrylic on canvas

In my recent painting, life is dancing between the contrast of moonlight and fire as a metaphor for delights and struggleful life. This is My approach to life being.

This month, I attended a group exhibition organized by Artnculture of Delhi, India, and sponsored by Canson, tagged 'Colours.' A total of 16 selected artists exhibited beautiful paintings. I was one of those chosen artists and showed the painting titled Spring. This painting has recently been selected for the Bharat Gaurav Samman Award. I'll have more details about it later.

Thank you for your precious time and for visiting my blog. Have a charming day!


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