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The Pleasure of Indian Lifespan

I have finished a new painting. This time, my painting slowly moved with a new concept inspired by expressionism that also influenced the minimalist idea. The artwork, which I formed for the second time and for sure, more consistently reflects the traditional Indian style. For me, it's a lofty thing that I was looking for.

Here is the new artwork -

Indian musical concert expressionist acrylic painting
Concert 2. Medium - Acrylic on canvas. Size - 27 x W - 34 inches.

India is a festival-oriented country with a gorgeous lifespan due to its traditional cultural diversity. The world around me sometimes dresses up in a festive mood on several occasions, which makes a wave of delights and touches the soul silently with its soberness. It is the pleasure of the Indian lifespan that silently works in the soul of individuals.

The painting was inspired by what I experienced and later formed on the canvas. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading. Keep visiting the blog and share your experience by using the comment section.


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