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The Timeless Beauty of Indian Sculpture.

My New Book

I am delighted to share that my book, "The Inside of Indian Sculpture," has been published worldwide. This edition includes additional information and new images, making it even more captivating. The book cover has also been redesigned to catch the reader's eye. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from its pages.

At first glance, ancient Indian sculptures appear to be a remarkable blend of structural form and devotional artistry that converted Indian sculpture into a timeless beauty. These sculptures are commonly featured on temple walls where people offer their humble worship, yet they also showcase a hint of eroticism. The intriguing combination of these two elements raises many questions and sparks curiosity. The uniqueness of these sculptures is rooted in various factors that remain largely unrevealed. These factors include the rules of ancient Indian grammar of sculpture and painting, the doctrine of Hinduism, Indian history, traditional beliefs, and the influence of Hindu philosophy. These elements all contribute to the distinctiveness of ancient Indian sculptures and make them a fascinating subject of study and exploration.

While studying painting in art college, I often studied ancient sculptures to enhance my drawing skills. It piqued my curiosity, and during my travels in India, I had the opportunity to explore these ancient sculptures more closely and gain a deeper understanding of them.

Front cover of the book the inside of Indian sculpture
The Inside of Indian Sculpture

The points I discussed in this book relate to some of the secret rules and grammatical aspects of those sculptures, focusing on the philosophy of Hinduism and Indian history. My artistic sense and vast knowledge of Indian art make this book stand out from similar books. Indeed, it is still unrevealed what the grammar behind forming a sculpture was, who specified it, and how. What was the name of that ancient grammar book now lost in this world? How did Indian traditional culture, Hindu philosophy, and spiritual doctrine influence ancient grammatical concepts? This book unfolded all the questions, focusing on my direct experience. It's an exciting book that silently flips the chapters with a piece of vast knowledge and some secret facts that are still unrevealed.

This book is now available in three formats: hard binding, paperback, and Kindle edition from Amazon. But the best part is that it's also available on Google Books and Google Play Store. For Indian readers, it's available only at Rs. 80/-. You will also have the chance to read this book for a certain number of pages for free on Google Play and Google Book.

Please follow the link to Amazon to get this book. You can also visit the Google Play store to download the book at an Indian price. Although it's available in all other countries through the Play Store, Indian prices are only applicable to Indian readers. Also, check out the Press Release of this book.

Please let me know how you enjoy reading this book, or share your opinion by writing one or two words to review where you visited.

Thank you so much for your kind support and for visiting my blog. Have a charming day.

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