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The Grammar Book of Painting

India achieved diverse talent from an undefined era in several streams, such as art, science, health, and more. It is astounding how the Indian sages gained brilliant achievement in versatile streams and invented mind-blowing facts from time to time. They had fantastic enthusiasm for several parts of human beings and our surroundings. Without conventional academic learning (I don't know if it was or not), they discovered numerous vital things that puzzled us each time we concentrated on a specific matter.

Ancient Indian sage
Indian Sage with Scriptures

As an artist, I am a lifetime learner of several painting-related things. I am also curious about several facts that I consider enthralled. Such curiosity pulled me once a time when I learned the aphorisms of the grammar of painting. I was curious about the originator of those aphorisms and how he determined them. I first came across it when I was a student at Art College, but it was briefly recomposed only for the syllabus of fine arts and written in the Bengali language. After receiving my degree, I found that grammar book again in Bengali, translated from Sanskrit. It was all in the details.

I found an anonymous author who invented those aphorisms of painting in BC's third century, but unfortunately, that scripture was demolished. Initially, it was written in Devnagari, which was hard for us to read. Later, Saint Vatsayan rescued that tattered scripture and included it in his world-famous sex guidebook Kamasutra. He also confessed that he was not the author of those aphorisms; only he recovered it from being damaged.

Ancient grammar book of painting
Ancient grammar book of painting

In this book, you will find untold facts about the grammar of painting, and I discussed all the aphorisms from my intuition. The actual incidents have been dimming away according to the era, and I endeavored to recover the fact and place it in numerous art lovers and enthusiasts once again.

The book is now available on Amazon and Google Books/Play Store. The hard copy is only available on Amazon Worldwide. If you are from India, visit the Amazon dot in bookstore to get the hard copy, or you can download the digital or Audiobook version from the Google Play Store. Below are the links to the book.

Thank you for stopping by to read the article. Please share your thoughts about it. Download the book and let me know how you enjoy reading this book. I am sure you will never find similar information in this book elsewhere. I am eager to hear from you. Have a happy holiday season.


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