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Baul, the Ultimate Devotion

In my nearby area, I often see people dressed in saffron and singing beautiful songs related to Hindu theosophy, which always amazes me. They show up randomly to ask for accommodation and then return to their temporary shelter. They have no shake on anything in the material world. Yes, they are Baul!

The Baul community belongs to the Vaishnava sub-community and worships Lord Narayana or Krishna. Their exceptional talent in composing songs instantly using traditional musical instruments called Ektara and a small drum positioned at the waist is known. Begging is their primary occupation, and in exchange for their beautiful songs based on the spiritual doctrines of Hinduism, they ask for nothing in return. They travel barefoot, singing their lovely songs as they journey from one place to another, and are primarily found in rural areas of Bengal. People donate to them in exchange for their songs. It's Baul, an ultimate devotion in all terms.

Baul expressionist minimalist painting
Baul, the Ultimate Devotion. Acrylic on canvas.

Having experienced their community many times, I have always been charmed by their innocent smiles and detachment from material possessions. They are completely immersed in the ecstasy of freedom and have no connection to the mundane world.

The painting helped me express my inner thoughts and emotions profoundly.

What do you think? Have you ever experienced the Baul community? Please share your partook. I am also eager to hear more from you. Also, tell me about this painting and how you feel about it. Thank you.

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