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The Demolition of Sin

The World around me has been slowly becoming fierce. We are experiencing several heartbreaking incidents that make us sorrowful. It's horrifying. Sometimes, it immerses me in deep thoughts about our civilization. Where is it about to turn? Why are those happening? Laden soul often takes me away from my everyday life, and from the bottom of my senses, I realized it's a battle of good over bad; it's a battle of humanity over brutality.  

Stone sculpture of Devi Durga
Stone sculpture of Devi Durga

In Hindu mythology, we can see the same battle repeatedly. In Hindu theosophy, God assures that he will return in each era when the earth plunges with lewdness. He will demolish all the malpractices and establish his imperium. In Chandi, a mythological scripture, we can see Durga, the deity of supernal power, born to destroy all the dreadful demons to make the earth habitable for living for virtuous individuals. In the Gita, Lord Krishna did the same to establish honesty. On the battlefield of Mahabharat, he established honesty over insincerity. It is the primary approach of God, instilling its rule by keeping up the power of nobility in all aspects. Therefore, all the battles came to promote this eternal rule of the Almighty.

Such a process of demolition of sin will be till the end of this universe.

It inspires me and allows me to move further confidently without fear of existence. In this painting, Goddess Durga appears as a metaphor for a noble figure who can destroy all the opposing approaches of our global village and establish goodness once again.

Durga abstract minimalist painting
The Demolition of Sin

The black buffalo symbolizes sin that is about to be killed by the Durga deity, the power of females. Sin would exterminated. The conquest of goodness is eternal. It's true, and that's why it's immortal. No one can defeat it—it's the rule of this creation.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below; they inspire me. Thank you.


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