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The Beauty of Rural Life

I have been residing in an interior area of Bengal for a long time, where life goes in a calming way without any stress. Here, life is slower and sober, even monotonous. Endless greeneries, an open blue sky, and a floating river seem immersed in the contemplation of the Almighty.

Many things happen in the usual way during an inhabitant's lifespan. There is nothing special about them. But sometimes, those insignificant things become significant in my eyes and let me discover something lofty that I had never before.

Village girl with earthen water jar expressionist painting
The Dentiness of Rural Life

Usually, village girls accumulate water from the local river or ponds two times a day. In such times, they also take a bath in summer accordingly. Once an evening, I saw a girl in the twilight getting back to her home with an earthen water jar. It was when birds returned to their nest; the pink sky was about to dive into deep bluish-purple; bushes and creepers were changing into deep green. The lonely girl was slowly getting farther away from the pier of the river by making the locale secluded once again. Only the indistinct sound of the river wave and the shout of the crickets remain.

It is the beauty of the rural life that my canvas silently describes.

The creator always silently showers several lofty sensations on all the negligible things that are about to be discovered. It's out of all the words, all the languages, only accessible within the inner soul. That's why it's lofty.

Sunset in the rural pond
Sunset in the rural pond

What's in your mind? Let's share it with me so that your words can inspire me. Thank you for reading. Keep visiting the blog and explore the facts behind the canvas.

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