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Sabari, A Devotee

22nd January was an auspicious day for not only India but also the world. It witnessed a historical incident: the inauguration of Sri Ram Temple, which had been a source of historical conflict for a century. 22nd January was the ending day of all the disputes and all the controversies. The event blew away my mind, and I felt passionate as an eyewitness. 

Inspired by the incident, I recall several pleasant events in Sri Ram's holy life. My canvas came alive once again with joy, and I started painting based on an inspiring fact about Sri Ram's holy life. 

In the Ramayana, we experience a devotee girl, Sabari, who was waiting for Sri Ram, full of joy and conviction that once a day, Sri Ram would come to her little hut, and she would entertain God with all her devotion. But the fact is, it did not happen, and her wait became longer. Every day, she decorated the forest path with flowers, from where, Sri Ram will come to her hut, and accumulated several fruits for Sri Ram—each fruit she tested first to see if it was good to eat or not! At the end of the day, when the sun sat in the west, birds returned to their nests; she also returned to her little hut with distress. Sri Ram had not come yet.

Once upon a time, she got old. But still, she had complete confidence: Sri Ram will come. She had been doing the same as she had been since she was young. It became hard for her to arrange everything to invite Sri Ram. But her devotee soul inspired her to keep going, and finally, a day, Sri Ram came to her tattered little hut with his heavenly smile.

Sri Ram and Sabari minimalist painting
The Devotion. Medium - Acrylic on canvas. See more in Gallery.

It was the moment of meeting the Lord and Committing to each other forever. Sabari did all she had dreamed of. Her soul was blown away by endless joy and infinite peace. It was her absolute attainment, and her soul got that lofty thing the mortal world is always keen on.

The incident related to the Sri Ram temple is too close to Sabari's waiting for Sri Ram. Indian people waited long to see Sri Ram in his land full of royal flamboyance as he was and believed it would happen. He must come to us, just like Sabari. Sri Ram finally came to Ayodhya, as he did for Sabari, and the people of India were immersed in endless joy as they got back their loved Lord forever. 

I expressed what I realized in my painting. Does it come to you the same way I described it? Please share your thoughts about it. I'll appreciate your feedback. Thank you!


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