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Street Melody

The genesis of this painting arose from the impressions of my vacation in the enchanting landscape of Rajasthan, evoking a surge of nostalgia.


During my unforgettable journey through India, I came across the enchanting desert of Pushkar. This oasis in the desert held a special allure, as it is the only place where the arid land gives space to a shimmering pool of water. As I walked into Pushkar, I was suddenly captivated by a street melody dancing on the desert breeze. Driven by curiosity, I followed the enchanting sound until I stumbled upon a humble abode, where a mysterious figure sat entranced, coaxing soul-stirring music from an ancient instrument. His eyes closed in deep concentration, he seemed to be in perfect harmony with the music he created.

Musician abstract minimalist painting
Street Melody

Transfixed by the haunting beauty of the music, I approached the musician, hesitantly breaking the spell with my presence. As the final tune faded into the ether, he opened his eyes and greeted me with a warm, welcoming smile that seemed to light up his entire being. Without a word, I joined him by his side, and we began to converse, our words weaving a delicate tapestry of shared experiences and profound understanding. In that fleeting moment, I was irrevocably drawn into the world of this enigmatic musician, and a powerful connection blossomed between us, transcending language and culture.

He may have been poor, with tattered clothes, but there was a radiant joy on his face. It was the joy of his music, which seemed to resonate from deep within him. For the first time, I experienced such incredible rhythms from a street musician who had to resort to begging for his heavenly music.

I was taken aback by a heartwarming surprise. While we were deep in conversation, his spouse suddenly appeared from the hut with a small dish of homemade sweets and a glass of water. It was a touching gesture that made me feel truly welcomed as their guest, despite the humble setting of their little hut.

This is my India. This is the country that venerates guests as manifestations of divinity. Regardless of your own abilities, it is believed that welcoming guests from the depths of your heart please God.

I've traveled far and wide, been to countless hotels, guest houses, and more, and have always experienced decent hospitality in return for money. However, the memory of Pushkar will forever hold a special place in my heart. The warmth and love I felt from a musician there touched me deeply, and it's a feeling I will treasure for a lifetime.

Violin Player in the desert of Rajasthan.
Violin Player in the desert of Rajasthan.


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