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A supernal world of Music

I love music, and once upon a time, I played around with several musical instruments, such as synthesizers, flutes, mouth organs, etc., to feel the tunes of music. Each has a separate language, emotion, and vibe that could take you to an imaginary world. I can feel it; I can understand the sentiment profoundly, and I sense the untold words that get shaped inside my sensation.

A few days ago, I listened to Ustad Gual Ali sing a Gazal. Gazal is a beautiful poem or ode originating in Arabic poetry. It often deals with topics of spiritual and romantic love and may be understood as a poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation from the beloved and the beauty of love in spite of that pain. The Gazal I listened to related to such a story of the pain of loss or separation from the beloved. The tune of the flute intensely expressed the poet's torment of separation. It made me feel a supernal atmosphere where sunsets in the reddish sky were full of torment, expressing the inside of someone who is searching for his beloved. The tune of the flute took me away to an unknown world where silence became vocalized with the pain of separation.

abstract minimalist flute player acrylic painting
Melodious Sensation.

Finally, I completed this painting by pursuing my feelings. The world of music inspires my creative spirit, and I enjoy music in this way. It’s not incidental, but eternal, that articulates my feelings. It comes in several ways. My feelings are like a reed of synthesizer to compose emotions in various forms, colors, and compositions. I’ll be doing it to the end of my life. Here is the music that inspired me to paint this artwork.  

Let me know your opinion. How did you enjoy the painting with this beautiful song? Join this blog and never miss a single post. I appreciate your companionship. Have a nice day:)


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