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My commitment as an artist

We are living in the worst situation that has not been before. The Pandemic perplexed us, and we lost our loved ones. Before getting it away, we are facing a formidable situation of war. It gets lost the things in human life we deserve. Love, mercy, compassion- all the words are now synonyms of delusion. No one in this modern era wants war; they want peace, humanity, and solidarity. Beyond all the boundaries, we are the citizens of this world who want to make a beautiful place for humankind.

Yes, it's true. Recently, World Citizen Artist has taken the initiative to start a campaign for peace. As a member of WCA and a part of this campaign, I asked ordinary people around me to participate in this campaign, and I got a positive response. They urged to be a part of it and started sending their campaign images. We have been accumulating images from all the people worldwide and making campaigns on the WCA website and social media channels.

Support for Peace
Support for Peace

Support for Peace-World Citizen Artists
Support for Peace

You can also send a similar campaign image to contribute to this running campaign. No matter where you are and who you are, you can get details on how to participate in this movement by visiting the WCA website. We want to make our future beautiful together, so feel free to join us.

The above images are from India; however, we have already received a massive response from around the world, and such a response proves that ordinary individuals and our upcoming generation never want war on any terms. I also placed my image in this campaign but later considered it insufficient.

I have my commitment as an artist to this global society and need to raise my voice with my language of color and brushes. I started a painting in watercolor titled The Defeat of Civilization. A puppet that is about to burn by the fire of combat is placed as humankind and hangs a sign of humanity in its body, which ridicules our civilized society.

watercolor painting on Ukraine war amar singha
The Defeat of Civilization

It's my language of condolence as well as protest against the war. I decided to donate 15% of the sale amount of this painting to a charity named Artists at Risk, which is currently working to rescue the artists of Ukraine.

Nothing is sufficient at this worst time. Artists need support to exist because, once upon a time, their paintings whispered for you when you were alone. You spent time in front of their artwork, which made you happy. You found the meaning of your life in the artwork you loved and purchased. So now, it's time to revert it.

If you love painting and admire creativity, it's time to show your support. You can either donate directly to the charity or purchase my painting, and I'll donate 15% of the amount you paid. To purchase this painting, send me a message using the contact form, and I'll get back to you with all the necessary information.

We, the World Citizen Artists, believe that the dark will be gone once a time, and a shiny sunrise will wipe out all the darks. Because darkness always appears with the message of the next sunrise. No matter how long it will be.


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