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My Recognition

In March 2022, the Art Mania Foundation organized an exhibition on the eve of Women's Day and announced that selected artists would be awarded for their work. I participated in the event and submitted my paintings. The criteria emphasized female power and prominently showed their importance in human life, and my recognition went to the same perspective.

One of the paintings I submitted was titled' Durga the Holy Mother' and was about the perspective of motherly emotion. It won the first prize, which is the second award I have won from India.

Here, I want to say a few words about the awarded painting. Deity Durga is considered the reason behind the formation of this universe. With her enormous power, she holds the creation and nourishes each particle of this endless universe. Hindu Purana says if she stops her actions, this universe will be shortened back and terminate to her. Deity Durga is also known as Prakriti (nature). All the things happening in nature are a manifestation of her supreme power.

Durga acrylic abstract painting
Durga the Holy Mother

Therefore, Hindu philosophy says that she is the Mother of all creations, and all the females are just short replicas of that absolute female power. We must show reverence to all the females, which would be a kind of worship for that supreme power.

In my painting, I have shown the same perspective the Hindu spiritual culture considers. All of us are the sons of that universal Mother, and she keeps us safe in all aspects. The painting depicts a child as a metaphor for a human being on the Mother's lap. The Mother feeds the child and keeps her child safe from all the disasters.

Here is the award I received from the Art Mania Foundation in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

award for artwork
Awarded as the top acrylic painting

What's your perspective on the painting that was awarded? Does it express the same as I described about Holy Mother Durga? Feel free to share your opinion. Thank you.

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