The Poetry of Pastorals

The Poetry of Pastorals

Size - H - 31 W - 22 inch.

Medium - Oil on canvas.

Unstretched Canvas.

Unique Global Inventory ID - 8T1-Y25-170

This is a original oil painting titled 'The Poetry of Pastorals' you are going to order. The Painting will be shipped in the rolled from in a tube within three working days.

₹ 51,000.00

  • 2 kg
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Description - The painting about the traditionary lifespan of rural villagers. Bringing water from the local ponds, returning of the cowherds with cows from the pasture, whispering voice of interacting between village housewives and the reddish sky of the evening; all compose an emotional rhythm of poetry that only be embraceable by a sensitive soul.