Music · 16. May 2016
Finally, I am about to represent the sixth and last figurative form of Indian classical music named Raag-Nat Narayan. I have found differences in this musical rhythm and the related figurative form that has grabbed my attention.

Music · 10. May 2016
This article concerning the Raag Pancham, the fifth rhythm of Indian classical music. Prior to starting my discussion, I would like to share an impressive stuff I found, associated with the classical music. During my past article, I pointed out that ancient sages were always preferred to find out the equivalent objects in cases where they considered necessary to produce a metaphor and to formalize it, they fundamentally depended on our surrounded nature. I'll be discussing in details in my...

Music · 01. May 2016
There is a numerous controversies associated with the Ragamala paintings have been running for decades concerning the truth of this figurative concept. The majority of the common people believed that it is just an imagination of the ancient Indian monks; Here I am about to describe the Megh-raga.....

Music · 22. April 2016
In this segment, I am about to represent the third figurative model of the Indian classical music recognized as the Vairaba Raga.

Music · 11. April 2016
In the initial episode, I expounded upon the primary symbolic representation of musical rhythm enacted through the portrayal of Sree-Raga. This figurative manifestation alluded to the autumn-winter season. The natural phenomenon wherein winter unfailingly ushers in spring after its unpretentious tenure is truly remarkable as it rejuvenates nature and underscores why we ought to cherish our magnificent world for a longer duration! Spring brings boundless delight that endows us with copious...

Music · 03. April 2016
It is the first painting of the “Raga-Mala” series named, “Sree Raga With Ragini Malasree”. Based on the assumption of that unidentified author, this figurative model implemented that musical rhythm which composed for the fall-winter season.

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