history · 14. January 2019
In this modern era, we are well-known about the book illustration performs as the supplements of the written content. Such an essential concept of interior book designing is not an innovative idea of the modern publishing industry, rather it had been performing from the medieval era between 700 to 1500 centuries of India.
history · 01. October 2017
Ajanta cave has been keeping up the history of the seven centuries of Indian art and this chapter, profoundly dug the secrets of some important caves that have a historical significance.
history · 13. September 2017
Discover the secrets of Ajanta cave paintings.
history · 24. August 2017
The Ajanta cave painting is discovered less than 200 years ago. Actually, it is discovered on 1829. Before that, we merely found a little statement about the Ajanta cave from one of the traveler mendicants named Hyun Sung who visited this place in the year 640
history · 14. March 2016
At the past, I described the background of my musical series of paintings that I represented by the inspiration of Mughal miniature artists and the oldest scripture of Indian musical genre. By following the previous article, here I'd prefer to share the oldest technique of miniature painting I found from another discourse that isn't only fascinating however, it should facilitate us and encourage to experiment with new components.
history · 03. June 2015
During the 16th century, miniature artists of India depicted world’s largest series of musical paintings, that included, more than 1000 paintings. It was the first time in the world when Indian classical music converted into painting and rhythms were visible on the canvas! It is quite plausible to create a model of a specific musical tune that concurrently convey the impact of a specific season in human mind.