Art · 08. January 2021
There were so many things that shook the world of art, but ARTDEX stayed on its mission. From the rise of street art and graffiti culture in the 1970s, the art world's love of Basquiat, the influence of radical feminism in the founding French Impressionists, to the artistic, social, and political importance of #BLM, ARTDEX have reviewed various historical and current topics, movements, and transformations in their blog.

Art · 17. May 2020
Our colorful (and of course, beautiful) world is becoming faded away and transformed into gray by this unwanted worse that makes our living uncertain. We were not ready for such an unknown curse that appeared without any prior notice or even without having an offense of 760 crore common global citizens. We love peace, friendship, and a healthy relation to all we admire most. We love living with a sense of artistry; we like poems, literature, music, movies;

Art · 21. December 2019
Artdex is a global social platform for all who has the art collection, specifically fine art. This is only one floor where artists, art collectors, art dealers, and galleries can list their collections; manage their inventory. and even can share artworks in each other, send messages, etc.

Art · 08. July 2019
Each artist has a separate style and the process of painting that convey their unique thought and vision. It's all about the related world around the artist accommodates to reform the individual structural value based on their experience. As an inhabitant of the rural area, my painting also echoes the value of rural life span within a specific character narrates of its own significance. Within a geometric form, implementation of the Indian grammatical notion produces my desired synthesis that...

Art · 05. June 2019
After completing the course of fine art, I started traveling across India each year. Most of those were historical places related to Hindu religion. It was an opportunity for me to get closer to those ancient sculptures and discover the incidental myths or real facts behind it. It helped me to understand widely the pulse of Indian sculptures. I came across some of the hidden secrets related to India’s earliest process of yoga and some religious doctrines based on the real facts.

Art · 05. October 2016
By following the backdrop of the grammar book of painting, here, I am attending to disclose a unique chapter I found in that ancient grammar book related to the body painting and tattoo! The subject grabbed my attention since the said chapter is an unbelievable inclusion of that book in the comparison of the era. I assured in my past articles that, this book has written in BC third century.

Art · 04. September 2016
It’s concerning the final aphorism of the grammar book of painting recognized as the “Barnikavhangam”. The author desired to indicate with this aphorism was;- Barnikavhangam is just a technique that assists in utilizing the previously said five aphorisms in a perfect way. Granting to the significance of the primary line drawing, the author stated that it’s the soul of the painting and it depends on the free volition of an artist, because it has own specific language that helps to...

Art · 15. August 2016
The basic concept of this aphorism was, artists have to find out the nearest form of a specific object from nature or anywhere as a metaphor that will be able to establish the equivalence and represent that from in a more artistic way. In another word, the author reported about the metaphorical similarity of an object which has hidden anywhere of nature in an imperceptible way. The meaning of SADDRESSAM is - Find out the resemblance (direct or indirect) between two separate objects from...

Art · 05. July 2016
This chapter of the grammar book I am about to represent is related to the luminosity of the painting. Before starting the discussion, it is necessary to perceive, what is luminosity? Keep it in mind that form spread everywhere in the universe, but luminance is not available consequently with form. It has a separate impact that resplendent by overlapping the form. The meaning of “Labannayojonam” is creating a luminosity and expanse its beauty. Affirming to that oldest author’s...

Art · 14. June 2016
This chapter of the oldest grammar book of painting is about the third aphorism out of the six. It describes about how to brings out the feelings or emotion of the painting or sculpture. The meaning of VHAVE is feelings that born by the emotional fluctuation. The author of the grammar book pointed out that it is not applicable only for the human psyche rather he wanted to expand the impact of emotion in each part of our nature, such as animals, trees, sky, flowers, leaves, river, mountain etc....

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