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Sculpture · 21. May 2017
By following the earlier discussion based on the sculptures of Khajuraho temple, here I would like to represent a significant sculpture named “Ardhanarishvara” followed by the Hindu mythological Vedic literature.

Sculpture · 23. March 2017
In this chapter of discussion, I am about to cultivate the Indian sculpture art profoundly to find out the inner thought of erotic sculptures which are highly controversial in every era of Indian as well as the human civilization. Those sculptures already have taken the highest label..........

Sculpture · 22. February 2017
There were a lot of ancient books of sculpture wrote in the Sanskrit language presently our of the world, only remains few reference books came from those ancient scriptures. In those books, the guidelines or descriptions in regards to the techniques of sculpture were not confine with such rules that are only applicable for the religious sculpture, rather it allowed all sort of sculpture; religious or non-religious.

Sculpture · 05. February 2017
I found this Sanskrit word during the time of reading that book regarding human figure. It is, - “Gomukhakaram”; what a wonderful metaphor of human figure! The meaning of that Sanskrit term is “Cow-faced”. The human body would be similar to the shape of the face of cow.