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History · 03. November 2019
In the reign of Shah Jahan, the grandeur of Mughal painting reached to the highest level. The offering of former emperors like Humayun, Akbar, and Jahangir make it possible to get such a called which as a successor, Shah Jahan nourished with his dexterity.

History · 16. October 2019
Granting introduction of the illustrated artworks of Tutinama(1); there was a radical change occurred even in the illustration of Hamzanama. Attributing to the emotional scene in the painting, the artist created an absolute tension in all aspects that never happened before in the Indian painting. In such a way Hamzanama created a new tradition in Indian art that we never found in the earlier manuscript art or elsewhere. In the Hamzanama, the Mughal miniature painting went far beyond the Persian

History · 01. September 2019
After the Iranian Kalam; Indian traditional art flowed to the Mughal paintings respectively which gained more liberties, and self-confidence. The interfusion among the native Rajput style and persian style got a new form that scholars recognized as Mughal Miniature. It had absolutely a separate character which later recognized as Indian 'Gharana'.

History · 02. August 2019
In the history of the Indian painting, the era of the Mughal Kingdom was one of the most important times when Indian traditional art got prospered with the exotic Persian art and culture. Interlacing the Persian art with Indian tradition, it also got a freshness and polished form. From this time, the Indian miniature reached the highest label of aesthetic value considered later as the icon of India.