History · 14. May 2021
The History of Indian Mughal Miniature Painting
In 1719, when Farrukhsiyar lost his throne, and the Mughal kingdom had some dilemma for few times, Muhammad Shah got the throne as the next emperor. In the reign of Muhammad Shah, Mughal miniature painting revived somewhat once again. Although the royal studio got shorter, the Mughal royal trait in miniature painting reverted again. But the misery never left behind.
History · 12. April 2021
The History of Indian Mughal Miniature Painting
In the reign of Jahangir, the entire country had a peaceful environment, and the royal court was full of flamboyant. As an outcome, earlier artists of the royal court who loved to paint the scene of battle changed the subject and were passionate to demonstrate the luster as well as the flamboyance of the royal court. In the earlier miniature paintings, vibrating gorgeous colors turned into soberness, which formed a pleasant mood.
History · 18. February 2021
The History of Indian Mughal Miniature Painting
The best Mughal miniature painting among the animal category was a bird. It's worth appreciating the artist who made this beautiful portrait of a bird with great color, composition, and undoubtable accuracy. As far as I know, it was by the artist named Mansur.
History · 18. January 2021
The History of Indian Mughal Miniature Painting
Emperor Jahangir estimated himself as a highly fascinated art critique. Of course, there was a legitimate reason behind such estimation. Based on the historic description, sometimes, Jahangir ordered several artists to compose a painting by splitting it up into several parts. Some funny matters related to such order, we could find in his autobiography.
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History · 18. December 2020
The History of Indian Mughal Miniature Painting
At this time, we can find some great paintings that could reach up to the standard of European miniature artists. It indeed meets the standard of the painting of Bihzad. It's awestruck to look at the attentiveness in the detailing of the painting, impeccable finishing, intelligence of a successful presentation, which are now just unmatchable.
History · 18. November 2020
There is a distinctive factor in the Mughal miniature painting, among other Indian styles and forms, which vindicate that the origin of the Mughal miniature is not in India. The specialty of the Mughal miniature is the use of calligraphy around the border of the miniature that raises a unique value of Mughal miniature art. What's the unique point of it?
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History · 06. December 2019
Nevertheless, we could not leave out in the cold a specialty that came with the conquest of southern India of Aurangzeb which performed as ‘Deccan style’, entered in the Mughal painting. It was a successful regional inclusion in the Mughal miniature painting that made it precious.

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