history · 14. January 2019
In this modern era, we are well-known about the book illustration performs as the supplements of the written content. Such an essential concept of interior book designing is not an innovative idea of the modern publishing industry, rather it had been performing from the medieval era between 700 to 1500 centuries of India.
art · 29. December 2018
The New Year of 2019 around our corner and we are now ready to welcome our future. Our human life is a novel and each year comes as a new chapter of our LifeBook. We, continue writing our stories, making a new episode, closing the chapter to start a new one. At this moment, we are now ready to start a new chapter of our LifeBook in 2019 by concluding our past of 2018.
music · 03. December 2018
We love enjoyment; we love to immerse in the flamboyant joys glint our soul by just ignoring every despondency around us for a while. We eager to find out the meaning of life in happiness. But is it the right kind of joy we are always looking for?
cave painting · 23. April 2018
There is another technique of perspective had been using in that era we identified as “rotation perspective” and in Ajanta cave painting, we could find it in several compositions. To see this fantastic concept, we have to go to the number one cave.
cave painting · 16. March 2018
By so long, we discussed the inner thought behind the concept of several compositions of Ajanta cave painting; now we are going to analyze the sense of perspective by digging the several problems they faced to bring forth the factor of distance in their painting.
cave painting · 19. February 2018
Based on the previous discourse, here I would like to say that although we attempted to establish about the innovative talent of Ajanta artists, however, the truth is,.................
cave painting · 31. January 2018
By so long, we discussed the two objectives of the Ajanta composition; one, - easy composition by following the equal symmetrical concept, and secondly, the connecting-link composition where all the segments of a storytelling composition perform as a panoramic view. Besides this, there is another formation had been leading in Ajanta composition. We can recognize it as “Elliptical composition”.
cave painting · 09. January 2018
The second technique has been staged after such method of symmetrical composition where a composition is structured by concatenating the several groups in a systematic way. We can easily ascribe a name of such procedure as “Connecting-link composition”. It is a unique method of composition that has widely found only in Ajanta cave painting.
cave painting · 22. December 2017
After the reformation of Ajanta cave painting, now it has been distinguished properly that the Ajanta fresco of the cave number 9 and 10, started from the era of Sanchi and ended in Gupta era. Indeed, to understand the sculptures of the several parts of India, those cave paintings of Ajanta help explicitly because all the techniques applied on the paintings of number 9 and 10 cave was implemented later in the sculptures of Amaravati, Sanchi, and Vharhut.
cave painting · 03. December 2017
Now we have to move towards the number 1 and 2 caves of Ajanta where we will explore some of the excellent paintings related to the holy lifespan of Lord Buddha. Now we are in the front of cave number 1 and it is the exterior view of this cave.

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