cave painting · 10. November 2017
As I stated that the cave number 9 and 10 was the oldest painting in Ajanta cave, so we will start from here. The time of excavation of this cave was 2nd to 1st century AD.
cave painting · 29. October 2017
The new tradition produced a new philosophy of painting that we will find in Vinaya Pitaka, a Buddhist grammar of painting that pursued the India’s oldest grammar book of painting.
cave painting · 15. October 2017
In this segment, I am about to discuss the materials used in Ajanta cave paintings concurrently, my endeavor will help you to light up the philosophy behind such masterpieces.
history · 01. October 2017
Ajanta cave has been keeping up the history of the seven centuries of Indian art and this chapter, profoundly dug the secrets of some important caves that have a historical significance.
history · 13. September 2017
Discover the secrets of Ajanta cave paintings.
history · 24. August 2017
The Ajanta cave painting is discovered less than 200 years ago. Actually, it is discovered on 1829. Before that, we merely found a little statement about the Ajanta cave from one of the traveler mendicants named Hyun Sung who visited this place in the year 640
art · 17. July 2017
I am few of those artists who love to work with several platforms. I like to challenge my creative spirit in those platforms and indeed, every time I discover myself in those creative fields. Although, I have a very limited ability due to the risky financial condition, in spite of this situation, still my creative spirit force me to involve in those platforms.
20. June 2017
Usually, my color is flat oriental typed two-dimensional, but sometimes, I used a tonal variation on color and it just a part of my experiment. I love to make the drawing in detail by using fine brushes that I got from several Indian old masterpiece paintings including “Ajanta”. I avoid any coarseness in my painting, which will unnecessarily encumber the composition.
sculpture · 21. May 2017
By following the earlier discussion based on the sculptures of Khajuraho temple, here I would like to represent a significant sculpture named “Ardhanarishvara” followed by the Hindu mythological Vedic literature.
sculpture · 23. April 2017
Agreeing with my previous discussion regarding the Indian erotic sculptures, we have acknowledged such spiritual thought as the highest label of Hindu philosophy, which was hard for common people to recognize.

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