Suggestion for art collectors.

 How to hang your painting correctly.

When you are going to hang a painting on your wall, you have to know some important matter related to this issue. I am thankful to my friend Jason Horejs who provided me this book for free to help my potential art collectors.


Please download this PDF book for free. I am sure this book will help you to take the right decision,- how to hang a painting in proper way.

Best guidelines for hanging a painting on wall.
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 How to measure your wall.

Choosing the size of your art is very important, because even the perfect piece has the possibility of looking wrong........  if it's the wrong size, here is some recommendations for you, -  

1. Measure the space that you have for the art.


2. Find out what the size options for the art you plan to purchase. ( if original painting size is not suitable then print size options)


3. Cut out paper in the size / sizes you are considering.


4. Using either paper or masking tape, mark out the area where the art would be placed.


5. Using this method, you can visualize if the size works go smaller or larger based on your preference.    

How to choose color for your room

Choosing the appropriate color for the room is difficult. It is challenging to settle which shade would be perfect for a specific room. Here are some of my suggestions that might help you to take the right decision. Have a look at this article.