Special Recognition Award (LST Gallery Florida)
Honorable Mention Award (New York)
Certificate of Excellency (Artavita, LosAngels)


Dear Sri Singha,
I am glad to hear from you. Your painting is very much of my like.
The facts you have made on the figures gives me impressions of the diamond effects
which suits to my business, and secondly, painting of dance shows happiness.
The colors which you have used are quite good. Kindly inform me whenever you would depict any good painting.
Thanking you.
                                                                                                                             A. Kala.

It's a prized possession from one of Amar's work of his early days.
 A majestic creation in water color on paper, adapted from one of the famous sculptures from 1st century kept in Indian museum,
 Kolkata. I've multiple creation of Ganesha in form of sculptures to paintings,
 but none so elegant as Amar's. There's music of his strokes which makes it even more elegant and feast for eyes.
Best wishes in his distinct journey.
                                                                                                      Subhra S. Roy

Nature is the artistic creation of God. An artist, through his art makes the nature very real. Amar is no doubt a good artist. I purchased one of his painting based on religious " Harinam Sankirtan," which seems to me the best of his art, and it change the life of me and my family, I mean on the spiritual sense of the term.

Through my letter, I want to thanks him and wish him prosperous on ground of art.

                                                                                              Debashis Das.