About me and my statement

I was born and grown up in a Baronial family of West Bengal. From childhood, I picked up colors, brushes to avoid my loneliness since I had a limited permission to interact with others. That childish game with colors is now a significant part of my life. I love to interact with people and it inspires me to create, likewise, I discover the significance in any insignificant matter that forces me to express in my canvas.

My parents admitted me to a missionary school in Calcutta. After completing the nursery education, I came back to our palace and admitted in the higher secondary school and afterward the college. I took the admission in the art college named Academy of creative Art, located in Calcutta.


After the death of my father, I profoundly immersed in the spiritual world for a certain time to forget that nightmare of my life. That world assisted me to realize, what the meaning of peace was. It reflects on each work of mine that makes a difference with other works widely. The peace and purity that I realized in my own soul helped me to find out my very own style which successfully grabbed the attention of my community.

In my painting, I implemented the both styles, western and oriental. My effort is to recreate a new style that will not only convey the traditional effects of both civilizations rather it will represent the integrity between Western and Indian art and culture. My form I got the inspiration of cubism, however, I reformed the cubist geometric style and made it simple. Usually, my color is flat oriental typed two-dimensional, but sometimes, I used a tonal variation on color and it just a part of my experiment. I love to make the drawing in detail by using fine brushes that I got from several Indian old masterpiece paintings including “Ajanta”. I avoid any coarseness in my painting, which will unnecessarily encumber the composition.

The specialty of my painting is clearness and smooth finishing which helps viewers to take a fresh breath in front of my painting accordingly it also helps to calm down the diverted mind of individuals.

To enjoy my paintings, please visit my STUDIO and feel free to contact me any time for any query or just to say hello. Thank you.


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Dear Sri Singha,
I am glad to hear from you. Your painting is very much of my like.
The facts you have made on the figures gives me impressions of the diamond effects
which suits to my business, and secondly, painting of dance shows happiness.
The colors which you have used are quite good. Kindly inform me whenever you would depict any good painting.
Thanking you.
                                                                                                                                   A. Kala.

It's a prized possession from one of Amar's work of his early days.
 A majistic creation in water color on paper, adapted from one of the famous sculptures from 1st century kept in Indian museum,
 Kolkata. I've multiple creation of Ganesh in form of sculptures to paintings,
 but none so elegant as Amar's. There's music of his strokes which makes it even more elegant and feast for eyes.
Best wishes in his distinct journey.
                                                                                                                Subhra S. Roy

Nature is the artistic creation of God. An artist, through his art makes the nature very real. Amar is no doubt a good artist. I purchased one of his painting based on religious " Harinam Sankirtan," which seems to me the best of his art, and it change the life of me and my family, I mean on the spiritual sense of the term.

Through my letter, I want to thanks him and wish him prosperous on ground of art.

                                                                                              Debashis Das.