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 The year 2020 was an unprecedented time in the history of human civilization that got paused the lifeline for a while. It even constricted the natural emotions of human beings and made them puzzled. We experienced a time of nightmare, which we never want to get it back anyway. 

In my earlier write-up, I discussed how the art world was working by shoving up all the barriers during the high-time of the pandemic. It proved that although life was felt in critical circumstances yet, it did not stop; rather it was going along silently in a creative way. As a prominent part of the global art platform, ARTDEX also hosted several events during this worst time.  

In the month of April, in response to the threat of a pandemic and subsequent lock-downs, ARTDEX introduced #ARTDEXQuarantineArt as a form of escape and solace. Ever since they have received a wonderful collection of artworks from the global ARTDEX community. ARTDEX celebrated art as a form of healing, They featured some of the collections of their artists like, - Glen Gauthier, Brut Carniollus, Luis Gonzalez-Porto, Sogand Bashash, Peisy Ting, and Francene Levinson including me. All the featured works are now available on their YouTube channel. Check out the video here, - 

There were so many things that shook the world of art, but ARTDEX stayed on its mission. From the rise of street art and graffiti culture in the 1970s, the art world's love of Basquiat, the influence of radical feminism in the founding French Impressionists, to the artistic, social, and political importance of #BLM, ARTDEX have reviewed various historical and current topics, movements, and transformations in their blog. Check out the summary of their blog, which grabbed the attention of art lovers around the world. 

 In 2020, they introduced a series of Art Guide in order to support ArtDex members' and rising artists' professional careers. Drawing inspiration from a diverse community of artists around the world with their own unique perspectives, ARTDEX celebrates their journey of art-making and artistic adventure. The platform of the global community at ARTDEX is where the emerging artists and art professionals could gather in one place to share inspiration, art information, and discover art with one another – going beyond geographical borders and boundaries. The talented artists have been helping ARTDEX create this incredible adventure in spite of the challenging time of pandemic and lockdowns we've been facing in 2020. 


 Here, I would like to share some of the best of our 2020 ARTDEX origin stories with you, presented in our ARTDEX Stories video:

In 2020, ArtDex hosted another successful ARTDEX Art Competition, where they received more than 1,500 outstanding artworks from a total of 98 countries. The distinguished panel of jurors were excited to evaluate the broad range of submissions from around the world. In addition to cash prizes, the 3rd ARTDEX Art Competition winners got the opportunity to have their work celebrated among a global audience. We are thrilled with the 2020 competition results and invite you to take a look at the works of this year's winners:

As you know, ARTDEX is actually an inventory management system for artists, art collectors, and galleries as well as dealers. Beyond that, it’s also a social platform for artists and art lovers. Exceeding such a revolutionary digital platform, in 2021, ARTDEX is about to strengthen it by exploring an exciting range of new initiatives. Cultivating creativity and celebrating the emerging art world has always been a mission of ARTDEX from the very beginning. So now, they are moving to create new features to improve their messaging for streamlined communication, online access for archiving and art sales, easy-to-use collection management capabilities, and the overall social and professional networking experience for the members continues to remain their number one priority here at ARTDEX. 

In recognition of this important aspirational goal, ARTDEX is proud to offer the launch of the  ARTDEX 2.0 Website in early 2021, which will contain a broad range of exciting and newly enhanced features. I am sure that it will generate significant enthusiasm among our ever-growing community of art professionals worldwide.

 Finally, I am, and all the staff and members of ARTDEX including our most loved founder, honorable Jenny Park Adam, are feeling charmed to announce that we are now a Global Community of 173 countries around the world. If you are an emerging or established artist, professional art collector, dealer, or gallery owner, consider stepping into our vibrating community and enjoy an open-air, next-zen digital inventory management system and social platform dedicated to you. Did I say, it’s completely FREE FOREVER?  


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