Year In Review 2018


The New Year of 2019 around our corner and we are now ready to welcome our future. Our human life is a novel and each year comes as a new chapter of our LifeBook. We, continue writing our stories, making a new episode, closing the chapter to start a new one. At this moment, we are now ready to start a new chapter of our LifeBook in 2019 by concluding our past of 2018.


I now seat down to write the concluding chapter of 2018. It's also a look-back as well as a bit of recollection of my past.  


The year 2018, started with a lot of mental disturbance due to the unstable financial condition, failure, and dissatisfaction of the past. However, I kept my patience and started the journey with a bit of hope that I never lose.  After a few months, the light of hope get closer and I sold the first painting titled Returning - 2, in India.


After a month, I got a request from India for commissioned painting in the medium of watercolor. The art lover highly appreciated my work by inviting me to their home. Finally, He requested me to suggest a good place to hang the painting and I did it carefully. 



Below is the image of the commissioned painting I completed for that art lover in watercolor medium.

Lord Ganesha in Watercolor.

In the meantime, I decided to change my style of making the color and even in the pattern, design, just to get farther to my feelings and realization. After having some research, I got a new style that is currently showing on my Gallery page.  


Accordingly,  I changed my website design and color to make it sober and simple. I care of my visitors sincerely to have a pleasant experience, while they are visiting here.  My website is my online home and I love to welcome all my visitors, subscribers as I do in my physical home.  I believe life is just a short time to visit this planet for a while to enjoy the eternal creation of God as well as to do something pleasant. There is no meaning to suppose to neglect someone anyway.  

From the last year of 2017, I started writing about the cave paintings of Ajanta in my blog. In the middle of 2018, I got an invitation of an online blog collaborative platform named Virily, from Twitter. I started writing for that platform and got a huge response from readers. Later, I decided to compose a book and after a few months, my first book named, - "Ajanta Cave Painting, From The Approach of An Artist" published from Amazon as a paperback as well as Kindle version. The paperback version now available in all the Amazon bookstores around the world, in six languages. I made some changes and edited a bit of the paperback version. 


In this book, I discussed the objectives of this cave paintings in the focus of Buddhism and also profoundly discussed the grammatical aspects based on the ancient Indian grammar of painting performed before the Christ. There are further some hidden secrets I revealed out that you will never find anywhere. To see it, just visit the Amazon Online Store.  


Unfortunately, a few of my readers/visitors just used my articles as a free resource in several places online and offline even without giving any little attribution. moreover, some organizations sold my articles to others without having any written permission of the author. According to the feedback of Amazon, my articles have been used just like as public domain. As a creative personage, such deplorable result makes us bewildered. We never demand anything high but a little support, to have a bit of inspiration in our journey. Nevertheless, some people still not agree to do so.  I did a lot of researches to write this book and also gave the efforts to find out reference books related to my subject. It is my kind request, please think a bit about it before use my articles without my permission.

In September, another painting titled, - Sree Raga With Ragini Malasree, purchased by an art collector of Calcutta who is a music lover too. 

In October, two art collectors purchased my paintings named, - "Returning - 1" from Frankfurt and "Vairaba Raga With Ragini Vairabi" from Norway. 

In the first week of November, I sold a painting to an art collector of Calcutta once again titled - Emotive. There are total six paintings I sold in this year. 


Below is the images of those four paintings I sold this year.  

Award of Outstanding Art

In September, I won the award of Outstanding Art from the organization named Arte Mundial En Mexico based on the Mexico city.  I submitted one of my new paintings titled - In The Moonlight that has won this award as an outstanding art. 


In December, I involved in a fake art magazine, who claimed that my paintings are preselected for their magazine and I just have to take my entry by funding 30 dollars. Later, they refused my artworks due to the large volume of submission and suggested an opportunity to list all the paintings in their online gallery that would be worth $49 a year. But for me, it is free for one year.


My only one request for such scammers; please, don't disturb us, because we nigher disturb anyone nor demand dollars any illegal way.  


After crossing the pathway filled with shadows and lights, we are now in the point of a new turn of 2019. We don't know yet, what is waiting for us. But we are ready to welcome our future with full of hope.  After all, life is a blank canvas and we love to draw our dream with the splash of the colors of joy. 


Wish you a wonderful year of 2019 that may bring for you a lot of happiness and prosperity. Cheers!