Behind The Joy

We love enjoyment; we love to immerse in the flamboyant joys glint our soul by just ignoring every despondency around us for a while. We eager to find out the meaning of life in happiness. But is it the right kind of joy we are always looking for?

Dhaki of Bengal. Resource - commons.wikimedia.org

The festive season in India is just going out. We immersed our life with joy once again just in the said manner. Once a festive day, I had a chance to meet and interact with a drum player known as "Dhaki". They are the traditional drum player of Bengal mainly perform in the national festival named Durga Puja(Worship of the Goddess Maa Durga). Dhak (drum) is the essential element of this festival; without it, worship will be incomplete!   After having some trivial interactions, I asked him about the festive celebration of his family. He responds casually with a little smile; "What's about the celebration? We are nothing but a Dhaki and it's just about earning"! 


This is the real shadow behind the dazzling light of joy. We have new dresses, we have a plan, what we have to do in the festive season, we have a plan, how we spend each of the festive evenings but what's about them? The fact is, they have nothing to do due to the lack of financial ability. They only dedicated to giving us joy. We love to dance with his fantastic rhythm of the drum by forgetting such a darkest side of him. They sprinkle the delightfulness that charm us and in return, they will have some money that may bring some arid smile in the faces of his wife and child. 


Remember, that they can earn money only four days of "Durga Puja" one or two days of Kali Puja" and a few other occasions in the festive months. Out of festive season, in the rest of the year, they travel for earning and get involved in several low-cost works.  They too an artist in the musical stream and such struggleful life is worse.



Fortunately, a few of those now promoted by some organizations and travel to several countries in Europe and America. But most of the drum players of Bengal are still in the dark suffering the financial troubles.

Title - Behind The Joy. Medium - Oil on canvas.

My painting shows the dark side of their lifespan as well as their performing energy by forgetting the torment of living, for a while. As always, my creative inspiration comes from the life and words of the common people that dimming away in our busy lifespan. I just try to give them life once more in my canvas.                    


Finally, here is a video demonstration of their performance in the "PUJA" ceremony. Watch it by keeping up in mind their actual lifespan. 

Let me know, what do you think and what's about my painting? Thank you. 

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