Ardhanarishvara, a significant Indian Sculpture.

By following the earlier discussion based on the sculptures of Khajuraho temple, here I would like to represent a significant sculpture named “Ardhanarishvara” followed by the Hindu mythological Vedic literature.

I saw first time this statue of 10th century AD in the personal collection of an antique collector of India. Probably it was the statue of Kushan era, which perfected in the Gupta era.

This statue significantly related to this discussion, which will help you to recognize the gist of my previous discussion in regards to the erotic sculpture.


According to the concept of Vedic literature, the female is the main source and power of all kind of creation of this universe. Therefore, the female is considered as “MAA” (Mother) who invariably caring this universe. On the other hand, the male is the primary ground of this universe whose first and every wish formed by the enormous power of the female. The mythology believes that this male is Lord Shiva, and the female is Maa Parvati. This concept also treated as the Purusha(male) and Prakriti(female). Our universe formed by Purusha and presented by Prakriti.



Ardhanarishvara, a sculpture from Khajuraho temple. Resource - http://picasaweb.google.com/injamaven/AVSculptureGenesis

 The statue of Ardhanarishvara represented this mythological concept. In this statue, the half portion (left side) of the figure is pointing the Purusha(male) and the second half is indicating the Prakriti(female). Without the joint cooperation of Purusha and Prakriti, not a single creation would be possible in every aspect and naturally, this splendid creation will demolish soon. Therefore, this statue is considered as the actual physical structure of God. This is why I stated in my past write up that God is an incorporeal matter that out of any sexual clarification.


In the Khajuraho temple, all the erotic sculptures are not only the reverberation of this statue of Ardhanarishvara moreover, it is the gist of all the erotic sculptures where the disposition of theosophy is hidden. 


Let me know if you have any question or any other explanation about the erotic sculptures of India. Thank you.



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