About The Indian Erotic Sculptures. Part - 2

 Agreeing with my previous discussion regarding the Indian erotic sculptures, we have acknowledged such spiritual thought as the highest label of Hindu philosophy, which was hard for common people to recognize. Therefore, the kings of Chandela dynasty gave the full efforts to find out the way that would help everyone to understand the inner sight of Hindu philosophy. Finally, they found those mythological scriptures of Hindu sculpture where author precepted to place the erotic sculptures in front of any temple as a metaphor of the said spiritual philosophy.


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 It was too tough as well as a risky step to place erotic sculptures in temples by adopting such concept but, in that era, there was nothing any accommodation for schooling or teaching system, only the temple was the one place for learning. Therefore, they considered such step just to teach the common people about not only the Hindu spiritualism but also the in-depth meaning of human lifespan in the focus of Hindu philosophy that never ignored the eternal relation of a male and female.


I found a meaningful storyline in mythological scripture where described that once a time, Lord Shiva demolished Lord Madan (The god of sex) by using the fire generated from his third eye. Because Madan attempted to make excite Lord Shiva while he was concentrating his mind. In another place, when Lord Shiva took his birth to this world famous as Sankaracharya; he needed to learn about the sexual intercourse and he did it by using his supernatural power, just to win a controversy. Therefore, it is clear that the spiritual philosophy never made the restriction in human life rather it supports the each aspect of normal human life moreover, it teaches us to do everything in right manners.




 There are several interesting thought supposed behind the erotic sculpture. The ancient spiritual teachers precepted that don’t go you back while seeing any objectionable matter near you, rather recall your God at that time. It helps you to remove the darkness of your mind and refresh you again that you able to stand in front of your God with purity. We have no time in our busy schedules to recall the Jesus; it’s an opportunity to do it.


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 The ancient Indian yogis considered that a hungry would never look anywhere until he gets some foods. Similarly, a luxuriant would never be able to go towards the way of relinquishment until he realizes the impracticality of a luxurious life. Therefore, it is necessary to have a luxurious life in every aspect until a soul displeased of it. After spending a long time, when an individual feels the insubstantiality of a luxurious life, then he would look for simplicity. His soul will thrust for peace, love, and spirituality, which is the point of self-refinement. It’s one of the logics behind placing the erotic sculptures in front of the temple. Those sculptures always help to remember the darkest side of our soul and we ashamed to see our darks in open daylight that help us to go towards the self-refinement. It is the primary process to present yourself with full of purity, in front of the God. God is shining in the temple and waiting for you. You already have confessed your impurity and have ashamed for that before taking entry into the temple, now it’s time to have compassion for you. You are now competent to receive the peace and love from God.

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Just take a few moments to see the faces of those sculptures that are full of peace and purity, which indicates the spiritual existence. Should it had been possible if the creators had any other motivation?







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