About the Indian Erotic Sculptures.

Part - 1

 In this chapter of discussion, I am about to cultivate the Indian sculpture art profoundly to find out the inner thought of erotic sculptures which are highly controversial in every era of Indian as well as the human civilization. Those sculptures already have taken the highest label in every aspect of artistry accordingly incite numerous controversies that forcefully misguided us by producing a wrong direction.


 Now at the first, we have to find out the actual meaning behind the Indian erotic sculpture in the focus of the Indian history and the traditional spiritual impact of the Indian civilization. Because to understand the art and culture of any country, it is necessary to have a wide knowledge regarding the traditional thought, beliefs that dominate the lifespan of the inhabitants.


Khajuraho Temple. Resource - https://theculturetrip.com

 I'll start my discussion based on the Khajuraho temple which is a milestone of erotic sculptures as well as one of the famous temple of the world; however, we need to know the history of this pillar of artistry.


 The temples of Khajuraho established between AD 900 and 1130. It was the golden period of the Chandela administration. The Khajuraho located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is the middle point of India. It was the noteworthy rule of Chandela dynasty that each ruler have to build at least one temple in his period. It has distinguished that they took such decision to establish Khajuraho the capital of art, culture, and religion; probably they tried to take the advantages of the geo-location of this place. Although, there was another motive behind such decision that I'll discuss later.


 From the above historical document, we recognized the reason behind forming those temples; however, we need the clarifications of Erotic sculptures also, need to find out the answer to this question, why such sculptures placed on a temple of God?


 I discover a wonderful precept of the author of the mythological scripture of the Indian Sculpture from a reference book followed probably the main scripture named "Manasar" or "Shilparatnam". In those books, the author suggested making the erotic sculpture in front of the temple! In Sanskrit term, it was described as -


"Mythunoi Shakhashodhanang Bevhusoyet."


What's the reason behind such order? To find out the answer to this question, we have to understand the inner thought of Hindu Spiritualism.

The first will of God. Resource - http://www.h2ocrusade.com

 The highest label of the religious thought of Hinduism, God is eternal, solitaire, and absolutely one. Before of any creation, only God was existing in hollow space. Agreeing with the view of Hinduism, God is an incorporeal matter that out of any sexual clarification. Once a time, God desire to change it's position and want to see himself numerously, just to enjoy and avoid the loneliness. From that time, the endless primordial power divided into two parts that produced countless elements in the universe. Those two basic parts are male and female in every expression. According to the Hindu religious philosophy, still, the universe is going big continuously due to the first will of God. Probably this religious theory is closely related to the Big bang as well as the cosmological constant theory.


Resource - http://static.dnaindia.com

 Now this enormous creation of God is flowing in its own way, however, each and every moment, a latent starve is playing in each soul of this splendid creation. What is it? This creation wants to meet with each other again that will set them in their primary position. All we are alone in this universe and we always want to meet with the mate to see ourselves complete. All we are eager to get our primary position and it performs a kind of emotion we recognize as LOVE. This emotion primarily born by the beauties that express the form. Nevertheless, we found a systematic way that is respectively, first, the beauty of the form, secondly, the emotional expression we mean Love that born by the beauty, and in third, it produces a new creation and by this way, we revert to that point, - "our universe is going big". No one could be able to stop it.


Resource - https://render.fineartamerica.com

 Hindu mythology described, God is a place of infinite peace and happiness and physiologically, we always want to get this place or these two things in our life besides, in our world. It means, unconsciously, we want to meet with God, but we have forgotten the way that would help us to meet with our father (God). Now the question is, who is inspiring to do so? The scripture of Hindu Yoga stated, - by dividing itself into several elements, living or non-living, God sprayed in each minuscule particles of this universe. It is the efforts of Hindu yogis, introduce with God in their own soul by deeply concentrating their mind in a specific part of the human body. They even act and thought themselves as a female who want to meet with her beloved God who is only one man of this universe. At the end of their spiritual efforts, when they able to meet with the almighty creator, it described as the metaphor of sexual intercourse. They satisfy to get their desire place that fills with full of endless joy, peace, and love moreover, they discover themselves as the creator of this universe. It is the actual theosophy of Hinduism and the said realization is the highest spiritual destination of a complete soul. On that point, there is nothing to lose or gain for a yogi or devotee because he becomes a complete soul.


Will continue in next episode. 


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