My Interview to a poet.


In the first half of this month, a poet and artist named Cutter Streeby requested me for an interview via Twitter. I introduced intimately to him in the Facebook conversation and he sent me some questions he would like to ask. He published this interview first time by his e-mail campaign and in next, it will come on his website in next month. In this interview, I have explained my viewpoints and my background in details. Here are the details of this interview, -     

Cutter - What kind of art do you make? Visual photography? What sets your work apart from other people in your space?


Me - I am a painter and in my painting, I implemented the both styles, western and oriental. My effort is to recreate a new style that will not only convey the traditional effects of both civilizations rather it will represent the integrity between Western and Indian art and culture. My form I got in the inspiration of Cubism, however, I reformed the cubist geometric style and made it simple. Usually, my color is flat oriental typed two-dimensional, but sometimes, I used a tonal variation on color and it just a part of my experiment. I love to make the drawing in detail by using fine brushes that I got from several Indian old masterpiece paintings including “Ajanta”. I avoid any coarseness in my painting, which will unnecessarily encumber the composition.

The specialty of my painting is clearness and smooth finishing which helps viewers to take a fresh breath in front of my painting accordingly it also helps to calm down the diverted mind of individuals. It’s not my opinion rather I got such feedback several times from viewers that refresh and inspire me to create again.  


My work in progress.

Cutter - What keeps you going and why do you what you do? What's your dream goal with your art?


Me -  I love to paint and this is why I paint. From childhood, I picked up colors, brushes to avoid my loneliness since I had a limited permission to interact with others. It was the tradition of my aristocrat family. That childish game with colors is now a significant part of my life. I love to interact with people and it charms me to create, likewise, I discover the significant meaning in any insignificant matter that forces me to express in my canvas.


I experienced the both side of human nature; inhumanity and compassion, which helped me to understand the meaning of human life. It reflects in my painting latently. The blessing of my well-wishers and the inspiration of my other family members, friends, social followers help me to go steadily with full of confidence.


The dream goal of my life is I just want to see my painting as a collection of several important museums including Louvre as a triumph of human life.


Cutter -  It's hard out there for independent artists. What's the lowest spot you've ever been in and what keeps you going forward as an artist?


Me -  It was the time when a fraud Indian website hosting company theft more than one-lakh rupees from me just for hosting and maintenance purpose. To keep continue my website; I even sold a lot of my personal assets. They had been demanding more and more and finally, I bounded to stop my website. I asked about website hosting to some of my artists friends around the world, and they guided me how to start an artist website with a reasonable or even without a single price. I had no idea at the past about it and it was just the blessing of god that I found Jimdo and this company just solved my problem permanently without a single price! It was the time I had no idea what should I have to do in dinner. I spent a numerous sleepless night just to find out the way to exist from this nightmare. Finally, I sold a painting, purchased by an art collector of India, which was the first drop of water in my desert. He didn’t know what he did for me.


Honestly, I don’t know who forced me from the bottom of my soul to keep my studio work continue. Probably it’s the real blessing of almighty creator. Inspiration is necessary and it’s another source of artist’s fuel, but without having a money each inspiration will come as a joke and each opportunity will come as the bubbles of the ocean’s weave.


I am in the studio.

Cutter -  What's the highest thing you've felt from continuing to practice your art? What's one thing you would tell a new artist thinking about getting into the space?  What One VITAL piece of information would you give them?


Me - Once a time, I completed a painting of Lord Krishna. It was about his childish diversion. I got the order of this painting from a local temple. It was in realistic style painting; however, I saw, they placed that painting on the wall of the temple. In an occasion, when I appeared in that temple, I saw thousands of people were showing their earnest reverence and making prayer in front of that painting of Lord Krishna. I was at the end of that gathering of devotees. It made me tear and I realized, sometimes creation becomes greater than the creator does. I also bent my head in front of my painting to show my reverence to the Lord. It was looking alive.

It was an unforgettable moment of my artist life.


For new artists, it is my suggestion, think about the aesthetic and artistic value of your painting; it should be in the right way and must be original that will honestly convey your artistic sense.

Secondly, you should not go back if you are in any adverse situation. You have the full power to do anything, only it just a matter of time. Believe it and go confidently to the direction of your dream.

Finally, a proverb; Build yourself such stronger that the almighty creator will ask you about your desire before anything you pray. 



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