An Authentic Denotation..Part - 6

About Raag-Nattnarayan

Finally, I am about to represent the sixth and last figurative form of Indian classical music named Raag-Nattnarayan. I have found some differences in this musical rhythm and the related figurative form that has grabbed my attention. I get informed from the modern Indian singers that the rhythm is now ineffectual in Indian classical music. Nevertheless, an attention grabbing mythological story encouraged me to dig this rhythm in deeply.   

Raag Nattnarayan. Oil Painting on canvas.

The source of all the music was the face of Lord Shiva, but the Raag-Nattanarayan appeared from his wife named Parvati. Based on the assumption, Parvati is the symbol of power, however, this Raag represent the strength and stimulates for the battle. He has six spouses; those are Pahari, Deshi, Kedari, Kamodi, Natika, and Humberi. Based on the description, this Raag is majestic and heroic. The body color of this Raag is golden as well as some blood smeared over all his body. He is wandering on the battlefield with his horse and open sword.

I just have regarded this description and made this painting. Most probably this original painting destroyed by that conflagration of London, as I stated in my past articles. I haven't found any old miniature painting regarding this Raag.

Now it's time to draw the conclusion with a good news. First, now you can store all my articles related to the Raag-Mala painting in your digital library in the format of a nice looking Blog-Book for absolutely free!! Just download it from the homepage of this blog.  In addition, the second good news, this painting (showing above) has purchased by an art collector of USA, just before the starting these articles. Now original painting is not available but it's not a matter of worry, museum quality stretched canvas print and framed print of this original painting is still available for you from the print page. 


In the next time, I will be discussing the world first grammatical concept of painting. So stay tuned to this blog to discover something amazing!!  

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