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About Pancham Raag.

This article concerning the Raag Pancham, the fifth rhythm of Indian classical music. Prior to starting my discussion, I would like to share an impressive stuff I found, associated with the classical music. During my past article, I pointed out that ancient sages were always preferred to find out the equivalent objects in cases where they considered necessary to produce a metaphor and to formalize it, they fundamentally depended on our surrounded nature. I'll be discussing in details in my upcoming articles regarding the world's first grammatical concept of painting, however, during this chapter, it may not superfluity to say something around it once again. 

Just think about the point, how those oldest sages determined the scales of music at the very first time? What ancient idea governed to establish the actual scales of musical tunes? The answer is the voice of animals!! Indeed, the first ideas regarding musical scales originated from the animal voice. In a different way, the voice of nature assisted them to recognize the perfect scales of music!

Raag Pancham, Basoli Painting. Image resource - From personal collection.

In Indian modes, musical scales usually offers seven steps from lower scale to higher. Those are first scales SA, second RE, third GA, fourth MA, and so on. Indian ancient sages discovered total seven scales in Indian classical music that helps to compose a melody.


Here is a list of the animals and birds whose voices used to establish the perfect musical scales.  


                                                           Sa came from the cry of the peacock

Re came from the lowing of the bull

Ga came from the bleating of a goat

Ma came from the call of the heron

Pa came from the call of the cuckoo

                                                                Dha came from the neighing of the horse

                                                                And the last, scale Ni came from the trumpeting of the elephant.

For the first time, that was the wonderful innovation of those ancient Indian sages. I said at the past in several places as well as in the descriptions regarding my paintings,- if you are a real nature lover from the bottom of your heart, you may recognize the language of nature, you will guess the sentiment of nature! It isn't my typical words, instead of my realization. Those oldest sages motivated by surrounded nature and admired too. Each fundamental notion they acquired from it. I just amazed to notice the potentiality of their observation!

It has discovered that the world's first musical text encrypted in the 1st to 4th century AD but the time of discovery of those musical scales was between 200 BC and 200 AD. 

Raag Pancham. Oil on stretched canvas.

However, there is a few more interesting information related to the Indian classical music that I'll be continuing in this chapter but at first, I would like to return again to my subject about the fifth rhythm of Indian classical music named Pancham Raag. The meaning of Pancham is "fifth". A former Indian musician Named Rahul Dev Barman was famous by his nickname, - Pancham. This music composed by emulating the sensation of autumn season. 

Most probably it was a challenging painting of this series for me as I haven't found any decent information of Pancham raag. Merely I found the body color of Pancham raga is blush and he bearing the large red eyes, additionally, the body color of his wife is blackish and she loves the sound of the flute. But there was no description regarding their activities, however, I placed the couple under the open blue sky and covered their half body with white flowers that sprayed miles after miles. In India, those flowers only bloom in the autumn season and it sprayed on the greensward. It is a flower of the tall species of grass. It's a very romantic season as well as it makes an impact of purity in the human mind. It beckons the human mind to start a new venture to an unknown world. It was my main effort to create this seasonal impact on my canvas. As a nature lover, I feel each and every emotional impact of nature and make it visible by the language of color and composition.a

It was the most ancient belief that music, visual art, dance, song, all are the heavenly art and those are equivalent to pray to God. I found an interesting declaration of an author in the oldest grammar book of painting where he precepted to artists that they should not use their talent in common determination and never try to gain anything they need in favor of their painting! Singing, dancing, visual art, and other artistic creativities are just a process of prayer to God and they have to maintain the loftiness and virtue of it!  

Autumn, a magic of nature.

The reason behind this kind of anticipation is the influence of music and other artistic formulations, that has been establishing for a long time in different circumstances. In my past write up regarding Megh Raag, I presented a storyline which has proved how our surrounded nature responses by the vocal weave of music. It may seem that a supernatural issue, however in the event if we think profoundly, it may be effortlessly recognizable that our surrounded nature is a living part which has the ability to produce any result in a return of our any positive or negative activities. Thus, Indian ancient sages also found a relation with colors, planets, to those musical rhythms. 

Based on their information, -


‘SA’ the first scale, is the symbol of the planet Mercury and indicating the color -  green

‘RE’ the second scale is the symbol of the planet Mars and indicating the color -  red

‘GA’ the third scale is the symbol of Sun and the color is  golden.

‘MA’ the fourth scale is the symbol of Moon - color - white or yellowish tint

‘PA’ the fifth scale is the symbol of the planet- Saturn - color is blue or black

'DHA' the sixth scale is the symbol of the planet - Jupiter, color - yellow

‘NI’ the seventh scale is the symbol of the planet - Venus - it has multicolor


I don' know how they ascertained those relations but according to the astrological concept, planets make an impact in the human body and nature and music too; however, they may be discovered any hidden relation with music, color, and the planet by recognizing this similarity.


At last, a beautiful demonstration of Raga-Pancham in santoor by the famous musician Pd Shivkumar Shrma and Rahul Shrma.    

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