Why should you buy a painting?

According to our primary concept of a painting is just like a luxury item, and if you have to purchase a painting for your home, it is because you want to decorate the specific room wall. It will increase the beauty of your room and that's all, right? But think about it in deeply. In a social site named Annoux(help to increase traffic), I got a discussion, “why people buy a painting,”. Someone asked this question to all and invited to participate in the discussion. Maximum percentage of people told that they want to buy a painting because it's looking great on the wall of drawing/dining or bedroom. Few people asked that they want to buy a painting because they love art and the speech of the rest were they want to buy painting but normally it's too high in price, so they are looking for affordable original painting or print. I noticed only one people said that he buys the painting to make it a part of his life. It's absolutely a fantastic concept. Art is a powerful form to express yourself, your belief, feelings, personality and your philosophical thought regarding human life. It is applicable for artists and art collectors as well. Art improves our quality of daily life as well as helps us to take a fresh breath out of our busy life that reflect the actual meaning of our lifespan. So I think, art is not just a matter of hanging on the wall rather it has the ability to whisper for you like your old friend in a certain moment when you feel lonely, you just need to listen the words, if you have such a sensitive heart. Hence, a painting becomes a part of your life.


Next point, why I paint? It is because, I am bound to say something that I unable to tell you properly in words, I feel which I attempt to narrate out in colors, forms, sometimes, I inspired by the lofty spiritual nature and try to express my realization on canvas. You might have same experiences in your daily life. You too have a lot of feelings, experiences that you love to share with anyone just like me. Only there is a bit difference between you and me. You always share it in a specific language which is limited, and I share it in a proper approach with color and form which has the boundless possibilities. Why aren't we shaking hands with each others? What's the problem? The language of art is boundless; it does not depend on location, country, human language and communities. Take advantage of this language and express yourself. I believe everyone has an artist soul. You just have to discover it from the bottom of your heart. I read a beautiful quote of someone (I have forgotten the name of the author, sorry), “World will never be happy until they have an artist's soul”. You have a fantastic way to express yourself, but when you are going to purchase a painting, you just have to recognize the painting with your artist's soul, not just your eyes. I know some of your feelings are not ordinarily shareable with others, due to the boundaries of human language, but you have this great option to share it in the artistic way, so proceed with art and express your test. As an artist, I will very much appreciate.

Demo of my painting.

Your collection of painting always bears your test and passion. Your friends and guests will be able to understand your personality. A painting is not just good for a blank wall, rather it also creates a freshness which helps to take a breath to your guest whom you love most. But the best part, it has the ability to change the overall atmosphere of your room just like a magic. If you don't believe my words, no matter, but just try to buy a print, frame it, and then put it on your wall and finally, see the magic! If you are new art buyer, it just an experiment for you within a low budget. You can get suggestions regarding how to measure your wall perfectly from my Art collector's page. To start your experiment it is not mandatory to buy my print, you can find anywhere around the internet as you like, but it is my recommendation, buy your print from Fine Art America; because it is only one organization in print on demand world who never make any limit in artist royalty and if you are not happy with your order, just return it and you will be refunded, No question will be arise. Just awesome :)

Painting is equally a fantastic idea to make a prestigious gift for someone you admire most. It will make a speech in the language of form and convey your emotion with the language of color when you make a gift for your reverend father or loving mom. It expresses your gratitude to whom you respect most. I gift my painting to my teacher of childhood. It was 3/5 feet and he putted the painting on the wall of his drawing room and when anyone come in his house and ask about the painting, he introduces by this way; it's not just an oil painting rather it's an award of his teaching life given by his student Amar, presently a professional artist. Think about this gift! You will never be able to judge this painting or any painting, by its price. It would be more worthy than a dollar when you make a gift to someone who understands your emotion.

At the conclusion, I would like to remind a quote of Pablo Picasso. - “There are artists who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who thanks to those artists and their talent, transform the yellow spot into the sun”. Every artist needs some support and encouragements. It's not a matter who is emerging or established in their platform. When you buy a painting, you not only encourage an artist but you show your heartiest support to the art and culture too. Your kind supports help to develop the cultural part of human life. I know a non-profit organization of Norway, who arranges every year a postcard exhibition in several parts of the world and request to all artists submits their postcard artwork. They sell that artwork in 20 to 35 dollars and the amount goes to develop the life of an orphan child around the world. Neither artists nor the organization demand a single penny for those artworks. It just an example of the generous mind. If it is possible then why it's impossible to buy an artwork in your limited budget? Why it's impossible to show you passion in art to buy a reproduction such as canvas print. T-shirt or tote bag of an artist? Fortunately now many art buyers love to buy limited edition print or reproduction rather than original painting and It is because they find out something unique in their chosen artwork and the reproduction also help them to choose the artwork in their coveted size and frame within their budget. But still now many artists struggling to overcome their circumstances and they need your kind helps. Be a part of the struggle of those artists and transform the yellow spot into a sun.

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